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(Under the aegis of DPS Society, New Delhi) | C.B.S.E. Affilation No. 3530520



DPS Rudrapur will follow the "Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)," a widely recognized and highly regarded school board in the country following the 10+2 pattern of education. We provide an effective framework for education through a relevant, broad, balanced, rigorously-taught and monitored curriculum.

Special emphasis will be laid to ensure that alongside teaching the skills and academic content, students learn to develop habits which help them seek knowledge and learn new things. The underlying focus in entire process of curriculum transaction would be that they become 'life long learners'.

We place great importance on educating the 'whole child' at their individual level of ability and potential to ensure a happy learner.

Through a holistic approach towards learning we aim to provide our students with:

  • Requisite knowledge and skills that every child has a right to learn
  • Learning environment enabling them to learn in a balanced manner but also letting 'them be' as individual personalities thereby developing confidence.
  • Stretching enough to challenge them and meet their diverse needs.
  • High level thinking skills which will enable them to question and tackle many of the moral, social and cultural issues which are part of growing up.
  • Providing an interactive environment which allows social development and assists in developing healthy habits to participate in a social system. Summative and formative assessments and continuous feedback for improvisation in the learning process.
  • School today is no longer confined to class room instruction. We believe that school is much more than academic lessons and qualifications.
  • Many of the most important lessons are those which students learn as part of team games, cross fertilizations of ideas, competitions and collaborative work.
  • To pave the way for such non-cognitive learning we organize a variety of competitions and cultural events which also support formal learning.
  • The school calendar is replete with a wide variety of Activities and competitions which help students compete and enhance their talents and skills.

Special week long activities are dedicated and planned for each subjects namely:

  • Science Week: 'The Rationale'
  • Social Science Week: 'Engage'
  • Cyber Week: 'Decode'
  • Hindi Week: 'Utsav'


A sense of belonging and loyalty are promoted in the students by dividing them into four different houses namely,

  • Aravali
  • Himalaya
  • Shivalik
  • Vindhya

These are names of various stars in our cosmos. The stars are symbols of eternity and posterity. The continue to shine and spread their aura, irrespective of whether they are seen or admired. They lend their lights to others, thereby enlivening 'jiva' or existence. We will expect Dipsites to have such 'star like' qualities. Our products will spread their radiance in all walks of life across the globe.

Inter class/house competitions such as debate, recitation, fancy dress, group song, folk dance, Rangoli, art and craft etc. provide learning experiences which enrich the educational and social development of the students are held from time to time.

Morning assemblies arranged class wise on rotational basis is a forum for the students to address a large audience and express themselves. Every student is encouraged to participate indiscriminately with the intention of nurturing and developing inner talents.

Activity clubs allow the learners to pursue any interest of their choice. Hand in hand with class-room education, such events provide the students with an opportunity to be a part of a broad spectrum of activities which promote the development of a “Complete Being”.